The TAdK-0.018 series represents a transportable oxygen system installed in a module container and capable of producing up to 72 oxygen bottles per day.

Transportable oxygen system TAdK-0,018

The oxygen system allowing the complete air-to-oxygen production cycle with oxygen bottling in standard bottles at the pressure of 150 atm is provided in the containerized version with the dimensions of 2500×2500×6000 mm and power consumption rated as low as 40 kW.

The container is equipped with a positive ventilation system, a heating system and a unified system control unit, which makes the operation of the TAdK-0.018 plant simple and convenient. The system productivity is estimated at 72 bottles of 93–95% pure oxygen per day. The plant takes only 10 to 15 minutes to reach full operation and requires no special installation works at the working site. The only type of the utilities supplied is the container power cable rated to 380 V.

Transportable oxygen system TAdK-0,018

The container may be installed on a chassis allowing a prompt delivery of the TAdK plant to any repair or construction site, or to a distant enterprise where gaseous oxygen is required. The TAdK-0.018 series mobile plant proves the optimal solution for use at remote facilities as well as for enterprises running several installations in various geographical points.

Transportable oxygen system TAdK-0,018

The range of TAdK-0.018 mobile oxygen plant applications is exceptionally broad, including oxygen production functions for metal cutting and welding in the field.

Specifications of the mobile oxygen station TAdK-0,018

Parameter Value
Product oxygen parameters
Purity, % 93–95
Output capacity, nm³/hr* 18
Capacity, oxygen cylinders/day** 72
Pressure, g. atm 5–150
Dew point, °С −60…−70
Ambient temperature
During operation, °С -45…+45
During storage, °С −50…+50
Power consumption, kW 40
Warm-up period, minute 10–15
Operational life, thousand hours 70–120

* The capacity rating is referenced to standard conditions (t=20° C, P=1 atm.)

** 40 liter 150 atm. gas cylinder