The AGT-0220 series oxygen plants are designed to produce 93–95% pure oxygen at the rate of 18 NCMH, i.e. 72 standard oxygen bottles per day.

AGT-0220 plants are designated for indoor installation and allow the arrangement of a complete air-to-oxygen production and oxygen bottling cycle on the minimum footprint of 20 m².

Apart from low power consumption and the resulting low cost of product oxygen the plant provides for the option of standard bottles filling at the pressure of 150 atm. With the replacement of ready-to-use oxygen by inhouse oxygen production utilizing the AGT-0220 plant the customer is enabled to reduce its process oxygen requirements by 5–10 times.

Selected superior-quality components used by the plant assembly in conjunction with the rigid control and involvement of highly skilled personnel contributed to the excellence of the system proposed to customers, as well as to its reliability.

A standard delivery set includes the air compressor assembly, air pre-purifying unit, adsorption gas separation unit, oxygen booster compressor, oxygen manifold, and cutter. The AGT plant control system was maximally streamlined to ensure the plant serviceability for personnel unfamiliar with air separation systems. Another essential benefit of the plant is the short period of 10 to 15 minutes between the oxygen generator full stop and the recovery of the product gas with the set purity. All these evident advantages delivered by the plant added up to make it one of the most sought-after oxygen production systems proposed in the market.

AGT-0220 oxygen production plants are widely used in various industries in metal cutting and welding applications. Besides, AGT-0220 plants find application in silicate, pulp and paper, food and pharmaceutical industries, fish farming, sewage treatment, ozone plants feeding, and solid wastes incineration, medicine, etc.

Specifications of the mobile oxygen station AGT-0220

Parameter Value
Product oxygen parameters
Purity, % 93–95
Output capacity, nm³/hr* 18
Capacity, oxygen cylinders/day** 72
Pressure, g. atm 5–150
Dew point, °С −60…−70
Ambient temperature
During operation, °С +5…+45
During storage, °С −20…+50
Power consumption, kW 35
Warm-up period, minute 10–15
Operational life, thousand hours 70–120

* The capacity rating is referenced to standard conditions (t=20° C, P=1 atm.)

** 40 liter 150 atm. gas cylinder