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Nitrogen plant AdA-0,010

The adsorption plant AdA-0.010 is capable of effectively producing 95 to 99.9995% pure nitrogen from the atmospheric air. The plant rated capacity at the 99.5% purity level is 21 NCMH.

Nitrogen plant AdA-0,010

The AdA-0.010 series is designed to produce nitrogen in the minimum-energy mode. For instance, the electric power consumption by the recovery of 1 nm³/hr of 99.5% nitrogen runs as low as 0.35 kW. Even lower power consumption is achieved in applications were lower-purity nitrogen is required.

Company adsorption plants represent exceptionally beneficial equipment for inhouse air-to-nitrogen production. The plants combine advantageous performance characteristics with high reliability, serviceability and ease of operation.

The operating principle of adsorption plants is based on the bonding of various gas mixture components by a special substance called adsorbent. The adsorbent attracts (adsorbs) oxygen allowing nitrogen to pass through as product gas.

Adsorption plants are used in a broad variety of applications. Our plants are being operated in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and many other industries.

Specifications of the plant AdA-0,010

Parameter Value
Product nitrogen parameters
Nitrogen concentration, % 99,9995 99,995 99,99 99,9 99,5
Nitrogen recovery, nm³/hr 5,5 8,5 9,5 14,5 21
Nitrogen pressure, g. atm 8
Dew point, °С −60…−70
Ambient temperature
During operation, °С +5…+40
During storage, °С −20…+50
Warm-up period, minute 10–15
Operational life, thousand hours 70–120

* The capacity rating is referenced to standard conditions (t=20° C, P=1 atm.)



17.10.2019 Company Advanced Gas Separation Technologies Has Put Into Operation a Nitrogen Adsorption Unit
The company Advanced Gas Separation Technologies has put into operation a nitrogen adsorption unit designed to support technological process. The equipment is delivered in ready-to-operate condition. The unit is highly automated, easy to operate and maintain. The nitrogen unit takes due account of the climate pattern typical for the supply region.

28.03.2019 The company Advanced Gas Separation Technologies has supplied an oxygen plant for installation works
The company Advanced Gas Separation Technologies has supplied the oxygen plant for installation works in a large construction holding.
The plant produces oxygen up to 95% purity, the plant’s capacity is 8 cubic meters per hour.

18.09.2018 Advanced Gas Separation Technologies supplies nitrogen plants
Advanced Gas Separation Technologies has supplied one nitrogen plants for large producer of snacks.
The plant designed to produce 22 cubic meters of 99.9% nitrogen per hour.



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